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Deodorant Reviews


Frequently Asked Questions

What to avoid?
Most customers disliked deodorants that were "Messy" and left "White Residue" stains on their clothing. In addition, some customers experienced "Irritated Skin" or rashes from solid deodorants. Not over-applying and keeping track of ingredients that you may be allergic to is a good way to prevent this. Lastly, try to avoid antiperspirants that have aluminum or parabens as ingredients. Studies, though inconclusive, have shown that these chemicals might be harmful to one's health after long term use. Read up on the Lowest Rated Deodorants too and avoid problems that others have gone through.

What to look for?
Since you're on Buzzillions, you can check out the top rated deodorants for Men or Women. Many users prefer deodorants that are "Long Lasting" and offer "Good Protection" . Others appreciate the fact that a deodorant "Goes on Clear" and "Smells Great".

How do I find the highest rated deodorants?
To find the highest rated deodorants on Buzzillions reviewed by customers like you, check out our Deodorant Reviews page. Specify the gender and it will automatically display the best to worst rated.

How do I find the lowest rated deodorants?
These bad product reviews are a good way to research on what not to buy. You can choose the option to sort by "Bottom Ranked" and then specify by gender. These ranks will give an idea of what deodorants really stink!

What's the average rating for all Deodorant?

The average star rating for all Deodorant reviewed on Buzzillions is ${formatter.format('0.00',$averageRating)} so you should look for a Deodorant rated above that average. That average rating is calculated from over 0 Deodorant user reviews.

What are the hot, new features everyone's talking about?
People have an array of different preferences and needs when it comes to something as personal as deodorant. It is a hygienic product we use on a daily basis for most of our lives. Finding the right deodorant means knowing which kind is effective and makes you feel the most comfortable. Solids or Roll-ons are the most popular form of deodorant because they go on quickly targeting and blocking body odor at the source. However, if they do not go on clear then they can leave unattractive stains on clothing.

Spray deodorant is popular in that it also targets the source coming in Deodorants, Antiperspirants or both. However, many sprays are not "CFC friendly", meaning that they do not meet clean air standards using chemicals that are toxic and flammable. This Right Guard Aerosol Spray is a top-seller and safe for the environment. Body Sprays are a new phenomenon to hit the deodorant world. It is a cross between cologne and deodorant and does not come in antiperspirant. Body Sprays can be harmful for the environment as some are not CFC Friendly. Lastly, Powders are the most rare form of deodorant but effective in their own right, keeping you dry but applying can be a mess.

Which brand should I buy?
With over 500 reviews and over 50 products, Secret is a very popular brand on Buzzillions.

What are parabens and aluminum ingredients
Parabens are used as preservatives in many cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. They are absorbed through the skin and are stored in the body. Recent studies reveal that parabens could be linked to certain illnesses after long-term use. So avoid deodorants with parabens in them.

Aluminum is an ingredient very often used in antiperspirants because it is effective in blocking sweat pores. The problem is that the body is supposed to be able to sweat as a way of ridding itself from toxins. Instead, aluminum is absorbed and stored in the body as a chemical and can lead to health problems down the line. So also try to avoid antiperspirants with aluminum compound ingredients.

How to Shop for Deodorant

If you already know your stuff when it comes to deodorant then feel free to jump ahead to our Top 10 Best Rated Deodorants for Women and Men to see the most popular products according to consumers like you. To find out more about shopping for deodorant keep reading. Most people don't know the difference between deodorants aside from what they smell like. The truth is there are many different kinds and brands that tailor specifically to a user's needs.

When narrowing down your search for the right product, you must first choose from the many forms of deodorants and antiperspirants available. There are solids, roll-ons, sprays, body sprays, gels and even powders. Secondly, you must choose between a deodorant and an antiperspirant or the two combined. Antiperspirants work to block the pores that produce sweat while deodorants simply mask the odor with a scent. Most brands make deodorant/antiperspirants because they provide the optimal protection.

Once you've decided on a type of deodorant or antiperspirant (or both), you should narrow your choices down by Brands that have overall averages above the deodorant category average which is 4.0 stars.

Bottom Line

Body odor is not from sweat itself, but from bacteria found on the skin that breaks down in sweat, which creates that unpleasant smell. Deodorants and antiperspirants have several ways of combating this. Customers who sweat more than the average person have a proclivity towards antiperspirants because they keep you dry, eliminating the embarrassing puddles of sweat that can accumulate on your shirts in the armpit area. Sweat can also leave yellow stains on our lighter colored shirts. The majority of antiperspirants come with scents but for people that wear colognes or fragrances might want to go with unscented so that the two smells don't clash.

These days, it can be quite difficult to find brands that make products which are solely deodorants and not antiperspirants at the same time. Folks who do not want to interrupt the body's natural cooling process have an inclination to go with deodorant. Sweating is also one of the body's ways of dispelling toxins. So while deodorants may not stop one from sweating they do allow the body to function more naturally.

-Content created by Pete K., Updated April 2010.

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