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The Acer computer I ...

by rjc2953 on May 19, 2010


"The Acer computer I baught was supose to be new, but it was an open box, and the security seal on the case is missing. seams to work ok...."  Read Full Review

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Think carefully before pulling the trigger

by TechAdd1ct on Dec 04, 2009


"First off, if you have a philips LCD TV which you plan on using this device with via hdmi be very careful. My philips LCD tv, which is relatively new, was incompatible with the nvidia chipset in this device. It is a documented problem, poke around some forums for more details before purchasing. The good - this device is priced so that it was a very attractive option when I was looking for a home theatre pc. The..."  Read Full Review

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The Acer computer I ...


"The Acer computer I baught was supose to be new, but it was an open box, and the security seal on the case is missing. seams to work ok."

May 19 2010
Full review provided by TigerDirect

Great MythTV front-end


"Great front-end for MythTV. I made restore DVDs using Acer's utility, then wiped the drive and installed Mythbuntu 9.10. The system works great as a front-end to MythTV 0.22 with support for vdpau acceleration using the Nvidia ION chipset. It plays 1080 HDTV streams without a hiccup. Comes with 1GB of RAM, which is plenty for use as a MythTV front-end."


  • Reliable,
  • Sleek design
Nov 9 2009
Rosemount, MN
  • Tech savvy
Full review provided by J&R Electronics

Good machine


"I really only have two gripes. The amount of junk-ware on this box is unbelievable. I've gone about disabling everything through msconfig and the box is running considerably better now. I'm still considering, as others here have suggested, wiping the box and installing a clean OS.

My biggest problem, and I haven't seen this mentioned here, is with the behavior of the HDMI port. I purchased this as a media machine for my entertainment system. For the most part it has worked quite well in that role for streaming content off Netflix, Hulu, photo shows etc. However, I'm running the HDMI port through my home theater system, and when I switch to another HDMI device, the Acer turns off its HDMI port and switches video back to the VGA port. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get it to permanently default to the HDMI port I would really appreciate it.

There's a good vid on YouTube on how to open the box to add more memory or change the hard drive. Just search for "Acer Revo Memory" it should pop up as the first vid."


  • Available ports and multi-purposse functionality.,
  • The form factor


  • Junk-ware and hdmi/vga port behavior
May 14 2010
Full review provided by Best Buy

Best bang for your buck!


"First of all, do not be discouraged by the specs of this little guy. Just because it's not a blazing fast dual-core or anything of the like doesn't give reason to count it out, unless you're some sort of a hardcore gamer or do a lot of video editing.

I just installed Windows 7 64-bit Professional last night on it, and thus far it works great! If you are considering Windows 7 64-bit, make sure to add another gig of RAM,as it requires 2gb, though if you just use 32-bit then you're fine with 1gb. It was quite easy to get into the case, just one screw on the bottom where the stand connects then pop off the side and voila, you're in! It takes PC-6400 SoDIMM (Laptop) RAM, for those that are interested in adding some.

HDMI wise, I plugged in my 23" Acer H233H and it detected it right off the bat, so no worries there. Others seem to have issue but perhaps they didn't update the drivers. I can't comment on if it works out of the box as I waited until everything was updated to utilize HDMI.

When I was running the XP it comes with, it ran smooth with 1gb RAM and even smoother at 2gb. There isn't that much bloatware compared to what some of the other comps out there come with. Yeah, it's still an inconvenience, but it doesn't take long to have it uninstalled. The only way you're going to get a completely non-bloatware comp is doing a clean install as you're not going to get a comp in store without some sort of bloatware. Firefox seemed to take a minute to load up though once it did it ran great and with CLEAR, the d/l speeds were at 500kbp/s at times. I don't see the big deal about it not having wireless built in, not many desktops have wireless anyways so that's nothing to be up in arms about. It has a mini-PCI Express slot anyhow for when you do want to put a wireless card in.

Overall, a great purchase for the money and I highly recommend it for anyone needing a space saving though potent, little machine!

FYI, the Windows Experience Ratings for Windows 7 are as follows (with 2gb RAM):

Processor: 2.3

Memory (RAM): 4.5

Graphics: 3.7

Gaming Graphics: 3.7

Primary Hard Disk: 5.4

Base Score: 2.3

I'm not too worried about the processor score as with it having a 1.6Ghz single-core, there isn't much chance of that score being too high."

Jan 5 2010
Haltom City, TX
Full review provided by Best Buy

Great Product!


"I have been looking for a replacement computer for my Home Theater setup. I had a standard computer connected to my system that did the job, but was big, noisy, and starting to get a bit quirky.

Since I watch alot of online streaming content, this product really caught my eye. It has very minimal system resources, but since I am not saving anything directly to it, or playing games, it is a good match for my purposes.

I unboxed and hooked this little computer into my LCD TV using the HDMI connection for video & sound piped through a Yamaha receiver. When it booted, no sound. A quick switch to the Nvidia HD sound in the mixer properties of XP fixed that.

The video took a bit of tweaking to get just right. When using an HD tv via HDMI, the NVIDIA controls want to move from native PC resolutions to HD standard resolutions. Trying to find a setting where I could still read the print from my sofa was a bit of a challenge (time to upgrade to a bigger tv! )

After finding a good resolution and resizing my desktop to match the tv, everything seemed about right.

After loading all of my plugins for online goodness, checking the streaming capability was next. Netflix, Hulu... all worked just fine! Even HD content streamed without a snag. Pretty zippy for such a light processor and minimal memory.

The cons of this setup are of course the configuration and lack of Wi-Fi. Without a certain level of skill, a Home Theater setup for this little guy would be pretty hard. I would recommend a friend help, or hire someone to set it up. The lack of Wi-Fi on it is a pain. Even a small usb wireless controller would look monstrous on it. ( I know my older bluetooth adapter sure sticks out!) I think Acer should just throw one in and charge an extra 20 bucks or so, it would be worth it.

The pros of course are its size, HDMI connection that pipes sound, and it runs very cool so no loud fans.

All in all, I am happy with the replacement to my older bulky desktop I had connected in my living room. If you are curious, here is what I replaced:

Custom Clone Build:

AMD 64 2.4ghz CPU

1GB Kingston 3200 DDR ram

120 GB 7200 rpm SATA HD

ATI X1600 AGP Video


Dec 5 2009
Full review provided by Best Buy

It's okay


"If your looking for a computer to plug your cable modem into, and your wireless router, so it has to stay on all the time this is your computer, it has some memory, so you could use it as a word processor as well, but with no wifi capabilty, or bluetooth, you'll run out of USB ports quickly, it only has five, so you figure modem, keyboard, mouse, and router, it leaves you one port for flash drives or external cd rom, which usually uses two. So as far as using it as a full blown desktop, you can forget it. Using it for perusing the internet...and that's about it, it's more than sufficient."


  • And has descent speed.,
  • Compact


  • And not enough usb ports.,
  • It doesn't have wifi on it
May 14 2010
long island, New York
Full review provided by Best Buy

Great little computer for the price


"We bought this for the sole purpose of watching streaming video from sites like Hulu and thedailyshow.com while on the treadmill. I was a little worried after reading some poor performance reviews with sites like Hulu, but it works just fine for us. I'm not a computer genius, so all I did was free up memory by deleting the unnecessary programs like games, trial software, MS Works etc. and made Firefox a high priority on the processes tab. We used an old LCD monitor from a computer that went kaput and also made it wireless with a Belkin wireless USB adapter (you can download the software through the Belkin website if you don't have an external drive). It's not the fastest thing around but it certainly gets the job done and we're very happy with it."


  • Easy to setup,
  • Lots of usb ports
Apr 23 2010
San Diego, CA
Full review provided by Best Buy

Excellent device for a low-power network appliance


"I purchased this device specifically to run as a small, in-home server. I immediately removed win XP and installed linux, so I have no feedback regarding the out-of-the-box experience for windows. Additionally, I've upgraded the RAM to 4GB and am running a 64-bit OS to take advantage of all 4GB.

Features: Having eSATA, SD slot, 6 USB ports and HDMI (with audio) makes the revo 1600 BY FAR the most feature rich nettop on the market in the under $300 range, not to mention that it's under $200.

Performance: 1.6 GHz CPU, NVIDIA ION, 64bit support and up to 4GB RAM handle my in-home linux server needs (samba file server, apache2 web server, tomcat6 app-server, proxy server, and home monitoring and automation tools) with ease. Before installing a server OS, I played around with a linux desktop version (ubuntu 9.10) and the hardware easily ran web browsing and video playback, including HDMI w/ audio. Add a wireless keyboard & mouse and this makes it a viable candidate as a settop media player (There are plenty of HOW-TO guides on the web for such an application, but I'll save that for a later project).

Environmental: I leave this box running 24x7, so heat, power consumption and noise are all very important to me. Core temp sustains a pretty constant 64 deg C (147 F), so it blows a little warm air, but certainly not a cooker, like the lenovo and asus nettops I've looked at. I've yet to test power consumption, but I've heard 8W is typical??? I'll believe that when I see it. So far, fan noise is the only thing I'm not 100% satisfied with. It's not horridly loud, but in a quiet room, is definitely noticeable (yet still quite tolerable)."

Feb 3 2010
Full review provided by Best Buy

Think carefully before pulling the trigger


"First off, if you have a philips LCD TV which you plan on using this device with via hdmi be very careful. My philips LCD tv, which is relatively new, was incompatible with the nvidia chipset in this device. It is a documented problem, poke around some forums for more details before purchasing.

The good - this device is priced so that it was a very attractive option when I was looking for a home theatre pc. The built in hdmi port was a great feature, and when i plugged it into my brand new sharp aquos lcd tv it worked flawlessly. The nvidia drivers did a great job and setup was really easy. As I eluded to above the same was not true when i plugged it into my philips lcd tv.

The bad - without going into too much detail, the device, with the out of box configuration, is not capable of smoothly playing back full 1080p hd content. The hardware IS powerful enough, and i was able to verify this, but it is not a trivial process to change the configuration of the device to support it. So unless you aren't planning on using it to play 1080p hd content, or you're really tech savy and have the time and patience to reconfigure the device, avoid it as an HTPC.

Also note that this device does not have wireless built in so it requires a wired ethernet connection. If you're planning on putting it in a place where you don't want to run an ethernet cable you might want to consider buying this product's bigger, albeit more expensive, brother."

Dec 4 2009
Rochester, NY
Full review provided by Best Buy

Great PC


"I have not owned a desktop for about 4yrs. only laptops because I'm in the army and move around alot. I bought a acer aspire one and loved it. so i figured ill give this a try. i really like this pc. the white key board and mouse are nice. out of the box it froze up a few times. but after you install all the win xp updates it runs like a camp. This pc runs a little quicker the the aspire one laptop. What makes this great is the ion. yes flash player lacks some but when flash play 10 update comes out to support gpu it will be great on youtube and ext sites. i am going to put win 7 on here. win 7 made my little laptop move quite a bit faster. right now im watching a 1080p movie surffing the net. there are no lags what so ever. the processor runs about 8-15% while doing all this. something i could not do on my little laptop. i only played one game on this pc spore. it run great on low setting but i cranked it up to med it will play fine on med. but i play games mostly on the xbox 360. movies play great on this pc both standard and hd. all in all its a great pc and does what i need too. ppl talk bad about this pc alot but i think its great. the reason i gave five stars on almost everything is because i research and new what i was buying. i gave features 3 stars because it was loaded with alot of stuff you dont need. delete that stuff and get the updates and you will like it. update the nvidia ion drive too at there site."

Oct 24 2009
Full review provided by Best Buy
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Acer AspireRevo 1600-U910H Intel Atom 230 1.60GHz Desktop - 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Gigabit Ethernet Questions

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Provided by MacMall

AspireRevo 1600-U910H Intel Atom 230 1.60GHz Desktop - 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Gigabit Ethernet Intel Atom 230 1.60GHz, 512KB L2, 1GB DDR2 800MHz SDRAM, 160GB 5400rpm SATA, VIDIA ION graphics, Multi-in-one card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition The AspireRevo 1600 is a revolution in computer size, shape, design and affordability. This nettop sports a small casing that can either stand alone or snap onto the back of an optional LCD that supports the VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS), streamlining your personal space while giving you the home infotainment center you always wanted. This is the perfect everyday PC for cruising the Internet, accomplishing your daily work, staying connected via instant messaging, and enjoying photos, music, videos and more.

Specification Description
Model AR1600U910H
Connection - DVI HDMI Digital Display HDMI
Connection - Media Card Reader Yes
Connection - RJ45 Yes
Connection - Sound In/Out
Connection - Speaker Compatible Yes
Connection - USB Front 2
Connection - USB Rear 4
Connection - VGA DB15 Analog Display 1
Connection - Video Out
Ethernet Capable Included
Expansion - PCI Express Yes
Hard Drive (GB) 160
Manufacturer’s Warranty - Hardware 1 Year
Memory - Processing RAM Maximum 2GB
Memory - Processing RAM included 1GB
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home
Operating System Windows XP Home with SP3
Processor Intel Atom
Processor Type Atom
Software Pre-Installed by Manufacturer
Standard Memory 1GB
Wireless Capable Optional
trackingLinkBaseUrl http://www.beachaudio.com
trackingLinkUri /product_info.php?products_id=301624&src=pwr

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