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Apple iPod touch 4th Generation - 8GB

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Most helpful positive review


by TayTay the great on Sep 26, 2012


"I love it..."  Read Full Review

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Most helpful negative review

Apple is smart...real smart...

by chalkupanother1 on Oct 25, 2010


"I've been waiting for a "deal" on a new Ipod touch, and Best Buy finally had one, with the free GPS. After playing with my son's iPhone 4 the past month, I was pumped that I would get a device exactly like that, just without the phone capabilities. I got home--opened it up, and the air of my excitement was deflated as I found out that this thing doesn't take the same quality pictures as the iphone 4. It doesn't ..."  Read Full Review

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"I love it"

Sep 26 2012
TayTay the great
Muskegon mi
  • Casual listener
Full review provided by

the only thing better is the iphone!


"love it! comes in so handy on a trip. just stop t a mcdonalds or any other place with free wifi to search a map. a little slippery, so I got some covers for it."


  • Small


  • Slippery
May 1 2011
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"We got this Ipod touch 1 year ago and we use it daily. My husband uses it for running and reading his books for school. I play games and facebook with it. Our 2 year old even knows how to use it! The apps are great and we found one with our son's favorite cartoon character. They are educational too so our son practices his ABCs without even knowing that it is working his brain because he is having a blast."


  • Compact,
  • Easy to set up,
  • Good audio,
  • Reliable,
  • Simple controls


  • Short battery life
Jul 16 2011
Ludington, MI
  • Audiophile
Full review provided by

iPod touch (4th Generation)


"this ipod has been the best thing i ever bought. love the new design for the hold button and the camera. it is great!!!!!!"

Oct 21 2010
CR "Cesar Rodriguez"
Full review provided by Target

Awsome device


"I love this thing it help me with so much in my life i can carry almost anything with it and it great for listening to music on. I helps keep track of all important date, picture and i can even read books off it. I had a brain injury in 2003 and it's hard for me to remember info but this helps so much and it's easy to use."

Oct 20 2010
Full review provided by Target

A great media device


"The iPod touch 4G is the best non-iPhone iPod yet. It's easy to use, attractive, has loads of features, 300k apps, and could beat a netbook any day for anything except typing. The 1GHz A4 chip defiantly adds power, although its still a step behind the iPhone 4 which has double the RAM. The biggest improvement to see on it is the cameras, the iPod touch 4G now includes 2 cameras, a 0.7MP (yikes! iPhone 4 is 5MP) back camera that shoots 720p HD (very similar quality to a flip video camera) and a front camera for Facetime and self portraits that is VGA resolution. Facetime video calling is dealt with through email addresses in an app, it seems less like actual video calling and more like skype, but organization is well done. The retina display is very nice (super high resolution) but not the IPS technology the iPhone 4 has so it will have worse viewing angles. But other then that the iPod touch is just an amazing device, even thinner and lighter, shinny as ever and it now has edge to edge glass which means it looks a lot cooler, no bezel around the glass. Apple did make it so thing that the glass is easily broken, and they didn't make any effort to improve that smudge friendly, scratch magnet back housing so I suggest a combination of an invisible shield full body skin and a hard case (silicon is terrible) made by a good company (look on YouTube for case reviews by insanelygreatmac, he has loads of case reviews (YouTube is absolutely free!)) to get your iPod fully protected. I highly suggest this product over a zune, other brand mp3 player, or any other iPod. The multitasking is the same as the iPhone 4, 3GS, and iPod touch 3G 32-64GB, which means its great. Its faster then android multitasking and yoou really never will need to have it run 2 things actively playing because it doesn't have moveable windows like a full computer OS, so the multitasking of it pausing the app works great, and you can run 50 apps without seeing any speed decrease. I like it better then Android multitasking,"


  • 300k apps,
  • 720p camera,
  • Facetime,
  • Fast 1ghz processor,
  • Multitasking


  • Poor image quality,
  • Scratch magnet back housing
Jan 10 2011
Full review provided by Best Buy

whatta product


"ipod touch is the allaround web play music entertainment machine!!!!!!!!!"


  • Outstanding machine
Mar 5 2011
port huron michigan
Full review provided by

Best handheld I've ever had or seen!


"If you're at a friend's house and they let you hold the new iPod Touch, you will immediately say, "I have to have this!". It is so thin, that you wonder how all of the features and quality can even fit in the device. The display is amazing. No matter how close you look (I've even put my eye about an inch away from the display), you CANNOT see any pixels. All you see are extremely high-resolution images. This display competes with my 27" iMac display, that's how good it is. The camera is great for casual users, but I would definitely not call it professional-grade. It has no flash, and many pictures come out a little grainy if not in the correct lighting. But, it's great if you're somewhere and need a camera, or if you want to take a picture of an item you're selling on eBay. The Safari web browser is great, but sometimes you will be a little annoyed at how small everything is, so you'll need to zoom in on a lot of web pages (in this case, however, I'm putting the portability of the item above this little annoyance). This item is excellent if you want to check emails from another room without wanting to go on the computer. The YouTube app is basically like YouTube itself minus the website. All of the YouTube videos are available, but it's in a different format. You still get to post comments, etc. One feature I love is that you can set any wallpaper you want, so if you find the right one it can look stunning. I downloaded a few free game trials, and they were funny, but I wouldn't say they had any depth. I'm sure the ones that you actually have to pay for are better. 8GB is plenty of storage if you use this as a companion to your computer, or if you don't have that much content. For people who store a lot more on their portable device, more GBs may be required."


  • Features,
  • Good design,
  • High quality


  • Fingerprint magnet
Sep 11 2010
Full review provided by Best Buy

Love my touch!


"This is my 2nd iPod Touch I've bought. I had the 3rd generation, which I loved and then lost. I finally replaced it! I like the camera and video feature new to the 4th generation. It's nice to have something better then my cell phone to take pictures! The pictures are somewhat grainy on the touch. I haven't uploaded the pics to my computer to see if they're better there (I have the best resolution selected). The video camera feature works great! I was more pleased with that then the camera pics. Otherwise, I love playing games on it and utilizing other applications on it. It was very easy to learn how to use. I have the 8mb, which has been never been an issue with space. I have a full movie, 3 1 hr tv episodes, and tons of music stored on mine with space left. I think the WiFi reception has also improved with the 4th generation, as I always had a hard time utilizing the hospital I work at's WiFi, as I work in xray which has alot of lead walls! Now I can be on the internet anywhere in the dept with no issues. Major plus!!! Also the volume is louder on the 4th generation, which is nice if I want to listen without earphones or speakers. If I lose this one (which I sure hope not!!), I would definately replace it in a heartbeat!!!"


  • Convenient,
  • Easy to use,
  • Fun,
  • Great reception,
  • Long battery life


  • Poor image quality,
  • Pricey / poor value
Feb 1 2011
Full review provided by Best Buy

Worth every single pennie


"I have owned this iPod for about 3 months now , and I can't possibly be more impressed or happy about this product . For one , the screen is outstanding , can't possibly get any better . It's very strong and doesn't scratch easily . The back is aluminum ( as usual ) and scratches very easily so for this iPod a case is always necessary . My brother has the older generation touch , and it just proves how well apple has done with this generation compared to the last . Battery life is great , coming from a person who has this product in my hand around 85% of the day . I'm actually writing this review on this iPod. Never freezes or lags . This iPod is extremely thin , however despite the first few days you will begin to notice it's amazingly strong , but still with a delicate solid feeling to it . Honestly have absolutely no complaints for this device whatsoever . Completely worth the price . Although expensive cases and accessories is were they get you . But not me , got a plain gray soft case for 36 cents on amazon . No problems whatsoever with it . I'm very skeptical with my electronics , especially with apple. But couldn't be happier with absolutely no doubts. If you have the money . DON'T BOTHER WAITING AND GET IT!"


  • Battery,
  • Buildup,
  • Display,
  • Thin


  • Aluminum back ( what else is new),
  • That i don't have another one
Dec 6 2010
Staten island , NY
Full review provided by Best Buy
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The iPod touch 4th generation. See friends while you talk to them with FaceTime. Shoot, edit, and share stunning HD video. Play games against friends, or unknown foes, with the new Game Center. And does it all on the Retina display - it makes graphics and text look even more amazing. WiFi Internet access is required for some features; broadband recommended; fees may apply. Some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.

Specification Description
Built-in Speaker Yes
Depth (Inches) 0.28
Frequency Response 20Hz-20,000Hz
Headphone Jack 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack
Height (Inches) 4.4
LCD Display Size (Inches) 3.5
Microphone Built-in
Resolution 960 x 460
Storage Capacity 64GB
Storage Capacity 8GB
Width (Inches) 2.3
Wireless 802.1 b/g/n
iPod Capacity 8GB
iPod Series iPod Touch 4th Generation
sku 201460
sku 255706
skuprice 175.0000
skuprice 225.0000
style 885909497232
style MC540LLA
taxable Y
trackingLinkUri /catalog/

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