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Caterpillar Cat Talkin Truck Cell Phone

Model: 80215
Caterpillar Cat Talkin Truck Cell Phone
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My son takes this toy everywhere. Very clever toy design.


"My son received this toy as a gift from an adopted grandma. He takes it everywhere. Where once, I had to pack multiple toys to keep him content on short outings, now I just pack this. He plays with it as a cell phone for a while, then as a truck, then back.

Big plus is that the volume is quite soft. I don't worry about my son's hearing or my sanity. Only problem is that the first one had dead batteries. It takes three 1.5v watch batteries. I just exchanged it for a new one."

Dec 22 2009
Stay at home Dad "Henry"
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Love it!


"My ten month old son loves this... But its really quite and hard to hear what the toy is saying. Still he has a lot of fun with it!"

Jun 17 2010
Connor's Mommy "Rachel"
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"My son had this toy approximately 20 minutes and one of the yellow caps on the tires came off!!! CHOKING HAZARD!!!"

Oct 25 2009
B. Smith
Full review provided by Target
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 Reviews

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Stay In Touch With The Whole Cat Crew. Enjoy Great Lights And Sound Play With Real Phone Sounds Construction Chatter Ringtones And Camera Phone Sounds. Enjoy As A Play Phone Or Fold It Up And Use As A Freerolling Dump Truck. manufacturer's Suggested Age:

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