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Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Chateau Play Set


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Most helpful positive review

Swinging hit

by G_Daddy on Oct 07, 2009


"Provides good exercise..."  Read Full Review

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Most helpful negative review

Fun but rusty

by Nicole K on Oct 31, 2008


"We loved playing on the trapeze but the loops on the bar that the chain attach to are made of a metal that rusts. After hanging outdoors for one week, the metal was rusting. We've returned the item and do not recommend anyone purchase this since it will not last outdoors...."  Read Full Review

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Swinging hit


If a picture is worth a thousand words... How long is this review?

"Provides good exercise"



  • Durable,
  • Fun,
  • Weather proof
Oct 7 2009
Louisville, KY
  • Avid do-it-yourselfer
  • Beginner
  • Casual do-it-yourselfer
  • Professional
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Fun but rusty


"We loved playing on the trapeze but the loops on the bar that the chain attach to are made of a metal that rusts. After hanging outdoors for one week, the metal was rusting. We've returned the item and do not recommend anyone purchase this since it will not last outdoors."

Oct 31 2008
Nicole K
Full review provided by Target

wrong item


"I was sent a ship wheel but not the one pitured. The one I recieved is smaller and looks completety different , I am very disappointed. I was to be a gift to my son on Thursday. The wheel I got is cheaper on other sights by $10. I feel as if I might have gotten scammed. I will be returning it ASAP."

this is what I got in the mail.

this is what I got in the mail.

Aug 12 2012
Pittsburgh, pa
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Satisfied Customer


"The children really enjoy their new swing set. They've spent many hours already playing on it.

There was a lot of predrilling which will make the wood last longer and not split. It was a building experience that my husband and our son did together. We're very pleased with our purchase and do recommend it to others."

Feb 22 2007
Full review provided by Home Depot

Great Swing for the price!!!


"We bought two of these for our twins. We hung them under our deck at our new house. Our boys love these swings! The anti-pinch coating is very nice, the swing is very durable, and the green color is nice. The swing bottom is stiff on arrival but breaks in nicely and forms to the child. Overall, this is a great swing for the money! We have had it over two months now and it still looks brand new. My twins just love it!


Sep 29 2009
Mom to twins
Full review provided by Target

Love it, excellent quality & value


"Since I installed it my kids have been playing with it almost every day and love it. I just wish I got two because they fight over it! I have a 3yr old and a 5yr old. I put this in my garage out of the weather and have a light mat underneath.

It seems very well constructed. Be careful your kids don't put their feet inside of the handles as they will likely get stuck there and eventually the child will have a bad fall. Luckily I was present when it happened and they know not to do that.

The handles are plastic and not metal as I thought. They seem to be tough. Not sure how they'd handle the outdoors though.

I wish I got this thing a long time ago."


  • Easy assembly
Oct 7 2010
Portland, OR
  • Avid do-it-yourselfer
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Good quality


"I purchased this swing in addition to a step2 swingset to accommodate for my 1 year old. He loves the bucket swings. I have used both the bucket design swing like this one and the plastic seat swings like little tikes makes and I much prefer this one. My son hits the his head on the plastic seat swing while swinging and therefore it takes away from the joy of the motion.

This swing came completely assembled and ready to hang. Its seems to be really durable, the same quality you come across in public parks."


  • Durable,
  • Easy assembly
Jan 1 2011
Gainesville, FL
  • First time parent
  • Working parent
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Hide A Way Heaven In The Blue Ridge Chateau Swing


"The Best Days of summer are watching your grand babies play all day out side. To hear their giggles, laughter, eyes lit up as if they were on in their own little world. The Blue Chateau Swing set gives joy and happiness to every child that comes in contact with it. The adults even come back to their childhood. Reliving the free days of summer, swinging high in the air, trying to reach to sky. Sliding down the slide as fast as you can to try and catch up with the young one you are playing with. Then when a child goes up into the top, they feel as if they are on the top of the world. Oh what a great feeling. To be taller and higher then anyone else. so yo see This is a great gift for any child. They can all enjoy it from small toddler to , well yes even old grandma's like myself. It is priced at a great value. You get a lot of different things all rolled up in one for one low cost. A slide, swings, monkey bar, a look pout fort, and it is all made of very sturdy materials, along with some of the best hardware. Step by step instructions. And most of all but not least, we had the most fun puttings this together as a family, My husband, daughter, son-in-law, 2 year old grandson, and myself. It was two long days of enjoyment, for all of us."

Aug 27 2007
Full review provided by Home Depot

Great Playset


"After a lot of research my wife and I concluded this play set offered the most bang for the buck. The free delivery was great as this item came in 4 very large boxes that would have been tough to get home even get in a pick up truck. All the wooden parts were accounted for and undamaged. We were missing 2 bolts and a few washers but otherwise we had everything we needed. The biggest key to making this project a success is to inventory and label all the parts. It took us about 2 hours to unpack everything and label it all. While the instructions are fairly long I found them reasonably easy to follow, take a few minutes and skim through them ahead of time. The construction took me and a buddy about 9 hours to completely assemble minus the chimney.

The finished project is amazing. It looks just like the picture on the web site and is incredibly sturdy. The swing arm and all the structural supports are made of a very heavy weight wood. The other pieces are not as heavy but still very sturdy and have a nice look and smooth to the touch, no worries about splinters. I have a rising 3 year old that loves the slide, rock wall and the fort. The whole play set blends nicely into the landscape of our backyard.

Great purchase!"

Sep 21 2009
Richmond, VA
Full review provided by Home Depot

Sturdy & long-lasting set!


"This is a great set and well worth the money! As my husband and I are not handy at all, we were very nervous about taking on this project.

What we didn't want was a set that we've seen so often - a great deal but wobbly and unsafe.

We researched different sets from many different stores and finally decided on this model based on the other posted reviews, pictures on the web site, and price. Keep in mind that the price includes shipping. We found that we would have been spending just as much on a seemingly lesser-quality set from another major retailer once shipping was added to their on-line price.

It did end up taking two full days for my husband and father-in-law. We also recommend organizing your parts as they are not labelled. We did have some damaged pieces of wood - a piece had a large split in it and some of the pieces for the picnic bench were severely crowned. We also recommend putting a sealer over the stained pieces to help maintain the color. The factory finish is pretty, but is light and will undoubtedly fade after a year.

Overall, we are very pleased with this product and have no regrets with this purchase!"

Aug 8 2009
Highland, IL
Full review provided by Home Depot
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Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Chateau Play Set Questions

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Questions and Answers

Provided by Target

Choice Grade Factory Stained And Sealed Pine And Cedar With Maintenancefree Polycoated Fir Wood Beams. Includes Wave Slide Rock Wall With Climbing Rope Sandbox And Builtin Picnic Table. 2 Swings With Powdercoat Chains Trapeze Bar And Rings. Tongueingroove

Specification Description
Age Filter Code 010,020,030
Age Filter Code 040,050,060
Age Range 3 - 11 years
Age Range Maximum 120
Age Range Maximum 132
Age Range Maximum 24
Age Range Minimum 36
Age Range Minimum 6
Alaska Hawaii 1 Day Upcharge or Override 129.99
Alaska Hawaii 2 Day Upcharge or Override 119.99
Alaska Hawaii Ground Upcharge or Override 599.99
Alaska Hawaii Ground Upcharge or Override 99.99
Alaska Hawaii Upcharge or Override F
Assembly Required Yes
Assembly Time 6 - 8 hours
BPP Bucket 3781960
BPP Eligible Yes
Baby Toys Yes
Best_Uses Group Play
Best_Uses Individual Play
Best_Uses Older Children
Brand Gorilla Playsets
Business Sales Yes
Can Ship in Original Container Yes
Channel Availability Online Only
Configuration Wood Swingset Material Code
Corp National Status A
Corp National Status X
Corporate Sales Yes
Date 1st Available Online 01-NOV-10
Date 1st Available Online 10-NOV-10
Date 1st Available Online 24-JUL-11
Describe_Yourself Grandparent
Dimensions 19L x 18W x 11H ft.
Dimensions 228L x 216W x 132H inches
Feature Code Sand Box
Footprint/Size 342
Freight Class SHPTRUCK
Freight Class TRU_SHPG
Fulfillment Option SP
Fulfillment Option SP,ISP
Hazmat Warning N
Legal Notice Please note: Due to the size and weight of this item, a specialized carrier will be utilized, and will need to schedule a delivery for this ite
Legal Notice Please note: Due to the size and weight of this item, a specialized carrier will be utilized, and will need to schedule a delivery for this item. The
Lower 48 1 Day Upcharge Or Override 399.99
Lower 48 1 Day Upcharge Or Override 59.99
Lower 48 Ground Upcharge Or Override 19.99
Lower 48 Ground Upcharge Or Override 299
Lower 48 Ground Upcharge Or Override 299.99
Lower 48 Upcharge Or Override F
Lower48 2 Day Upcharge Or Override 299.99
Lower48 2 Day Upcharge Or Override 39.99
Manufacturer Gorilla Playsets
Manufacturer Age Range 3 - 11 years
Manufacturer Age Range 6 - 24 months
Manufacturer Part Number 01-0003
Manufacturer Part Number 04-3311
Manufacturer Part Number 04-3333
Manufacturer Part Number 04-3611
Manufacturer Part Number 04-6322
Manufacturer Part Number 04-6333
Manufacturer Part Number 07-1310
Manufacturer Part Number 07-2053
Manufacturer Part Number 09-0012-PAIR-R
Manufacturer's Age Range Maximum 132
Manufacturer's Age Range Maximum 24
Manufacturer's Age Range Minimum 36
Manufacturer's Age Range Minimum 6
Material Wood
Maximum Age Recommendation Unit Of Measure years
Minimum Age Recommendation 3
Minimum Age Recommendation Unit Of Measure years
Notify Me When Available Yes
PayRunnerCartEligible Yes
PreSchool Yes
Price Range $400 to $600
Promo Financing Available Yes
Promotions Free Shipping
Pros Attractive Design
Pros Durable
Pros Easy Assembly
Pros Hours of Fun
Pros Sturdy
Pros Weather Resistant
Recommended Age 3
Recommended Usage Children
Registerable Yes
Reviews Reviewed
Reviews Top Rated
Ship To Store Eligible Yes
Swing Set Length 19
Swingset Material Code Wood
TRU Age Range 3 - 10 years
TRU Age Range 3 - 11 years
TRU Age Range 6 - 24 months
TRU SKN 594774
TRU SKN 594847
TRU SKN 594850
TRU SKN 594855
TRU SKN 594871
TRU SKN 594889
TRU SKN 595204
TRU SKN 595262
TRU SKN 779913
Text Attribute 1 5" High Platform: 4 Foot x 6 Foot, 4x4 Solid Wood Framing, 4x6 3-Position Swing Beam with Timber Shield
Text Attribute 1 Height 1"
Text Attribute 2 Length 24"
Text Attribute 2 Maintenance-free Timber Shield covering on main beams for virtually maintenance-free performance
Text Attribute 3 Available in Cedar with a beautiful Amber Finish, 10 Year Limited Warranty on Lumber, 1 Year
Text Attribute 3 Width 40"
Text Attribute 4 Dimensions: Play deck area: 4'D x 6'W, Play deck height: 5', Assembled footprint: 14'D x 19'W x 11'H. It is recommended to leave at least a 6' perime
Text Attribute 4 For residential use
Text Attribute 5 Includes: Gorilla Playsets Chateau II Swing Set, All Hardware, All Lumber (cut, sanded, stained, and the main beams are pre-drilled), Detailed Assemb
Toddler Yes
Type Playground Swing Sets
Type Code 2
UPC/EAN/ISBN 870780000091
Wood Type Pine & Cedar
color Amber Stain
color Blue
color Green/Yellow
color Pine
color Red
color Redwood
sku 191103
sku 191118
sku 191119
sku 279024
sku 56808 Red
sku 56810 GREEN/YELLOW
sku 56811 Blue
sku 56819 Blue
sku 56825 GREEN/YELLOW
sku 56828 PINE
sku 56829 REDWOOD
sku 56837 AMBER STAIN
skuprice 101.9900
skuprice 1405.9900
skuprice 1699.0000
skuprice 17.9900
skuprice 26.9900
skuprice 29.9900
skuprice 299.9900
skuprice 33.9900
skuprice 42.9500
skuprice 63.9500
skuprice 67.9900
skuprice 69.9900
skuprice 93.9900
style 02blueridge3pos
style 251
style 435
style 436
style 443
style 525
style 7131
style 7171
style 90001GPS
style JumboBinoculars
style SeeSaw
style TicTacToeSpinnerPannel
taxable Y
trackingLinkUri /catalog/

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