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Marantz PM5004 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

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A Good Modern Amp


The user manual ain't got nothing on this review.

"I bought this to replace a 30 year old Sansui that had suffered from a lightening strike that burned out the right channel and tuner. Despite going from 120 watts per channel to 80, and also being able to use all for of my speakers on one amp, the Marantz powers them all fantastically.

The built in phono input plays my record player perfectly. (Before because I had multiple amps, I had to run the record player through a per-amp which added a hum to the output.)

The only thing I would've like to see on it because its a modern amp, is a sub output, even it was just a single RCA jack.

Overall, this is just what I've been looking for, its hard to find a modern decent priced amp that can power big speakers like my Technics that can handle 260 watts. For a while I was looking for a vintage amp that had good output, but with the price of some there were too many questions on how well was it taken care of, the initial quality etc."


  • Compact,
  • Easy to install,
  • Good audio
Oct 20 2011
Tampa, Florida
  • Practical



"I wanted an integrated amp for my computer and vinyl. I have a REGA RP1 turntable and a mac mini. I am very pleased with the results. The Marantz is able to push my ACI Spirit floor standing speakers with no difficulty and has a very accurate yet smooth presentation."


  • Easy to setup,
  • Energy efficient,
  • Good audio,
  • Good power output,
  • Good remote control,
  • Simple controls
Nov 8 2010
Kansas City, MO.
  • Audiophile
  • Movie enthusiast
  • Practical
Full review provided by OneCall

Fits the bill


"The bottom line was not spending more than $500.00. Doesn't measure up to higher end equipment but it's not advertised to. I'm using this in a very confined space to replace a Kenwood 9100 that ran beautifully for over 20 years. The 9100 boasted very clean characteristics and authentic sound for a lower price integrated amplifier to which the Marantz doesn't hold a candle. This surprised me since I paid about $400 for the Kenwood in the 70s and without going audio room shopping, I thought, "in 20 years, with improved circuitry, surely the Marantz's performance would be at least equal and no less precise in measuring up." On the measuring up meter, I guess circuitry output quality has declined. Toyed with purchasing the Cambridge Audio Azure for more than a few seconds; NAD was also on my short list, or spending more on a McIntosh, but preferring solid state, and the Marantz 5004 remaining one of the few which offered a stock phono input, the decision really boiled down to a willingness to absorb an audio to price-range compromise. If the convenience of numerous input and outputs, AB speaker switching, or relative power are not issues, better sound is available. Nevertheless, the unit lives up to its billing. The sound's a little pillowy, but serves the purpose. A little nostalgia also tipped me to this purchase: the amp now matches an antique but still very functional 2100 Marantz tuner. I guess along with higher frequency hearing loss, I've become more uniform in my old age."

Jan 24 2011
New Iberia, LA
Full review provided by OneCall
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 Reviews

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Marantz PM5004 Integrated Stereo Amplifier Questions

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Questions and Answers

Provided by OneCall

Integrated amplifiers are the best choice for anyone looking for superb performance without the complexity or cost of a comparable receiver or preamplifier/power amplifier combination. Their minimalist design (no tuner, no fancy processing) means that the engineering team concentrates on the esse...

Specification Description
AC Outlets (1) Unswitched
AC Outlets (2) Switched
Analog Audio (3) Rear Output
Analog Audio (9) Rear Input
Depth (Inches) 14.6
Frequency Response 10Hz–50kHz
Height (Inches) 4.1
Phono (1) Rear Input
Remote Control Included
Watts per Channel 4 Ohms 45
Watts per Channel 8 Ohms 35
Weight (Pounds) 14.8
Width (Inches) 17.3

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