Shower Head Reviews

Shower Head Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What to avoid?

    Most shower head consumers disliked showerheads that were not adjustable, shower heads that were leaky, of poor quality or had poor water pressure. Read up on those low rated showerheads to learn about potential showerhead problems.

  • What to look for?

    Most shower head owners prefer showerheads with great pressure, water efficiency, and easy installation. Others are interested in multiple spray settings and adjustability.

  • What's the average rating for all Shower Heads?

    The average star rating for all Shower Heads reviewed on Buzzillions is ${formatter.format('0.0',$averageRating)} so you should look for a Shower Head rated above that average. That average rating is calculated from over 0 Shower Head user reviews.

  • What are the hot, new features everyone's talking about?

    As a sign of the times, some companies are offering a volume control for their showerheads. This volume control can pause the shower spray during a shower so you can lather up without wasting all that water.

    Another interesting feature is shower filters. Many are contained within shower heads to filter chlorine and other contaminants out of the water that can cause dry and damaged skin. Make sure that the shower filter you consider is NSF certified. (NSF is a third party testing organization and gives certifications to products that are proven to reduce free available chlorine in the water.)

  • Which brand should I buy?

    Looking at the best showerheads on Buzzillions, it looks like Kohler and Delta Faucet are better bets. American Standard is a 2010 Reviewers' Choice Finalist, making it another great choice. The Shower Head brand Compare Tool lists the top 5 brands that our reviewers have checked out. All of these brands have above average aggregate ratings and are laid out for easy comparison.

  • Tips & Tricks

    - If your showerhead is clogged, try soaking the disassembled shower head overnight in vinegar and scrubbing it with steel wool the next morning.

    - Make sure to get a shower head that is easy to install

    - If you have children, pets, or have a limited maneuverability, you may want to consider a hand held shower head for ease of washing.

    - Many manufactureres offer a lifetime warranty on their shower heads. Be sure to check this to get the most value out of your shower head.

  • Notes of Caution

    As you research, be sure to look at the low rated reviews on a product. They just may let you in on a secret that could end up saving you the money and hassle of buying the wrong shower head.

  • What about Kohler?

    Kohler makes many of the best consumer rated showerheads. Kohler is a great choice for shower fixtures and has many top rated models at a variety of price points.

  • What about Oxygenics?

    Oxygenics is a frequently searched brand that offers many low flow shower heads at reasonable prices. Many reviewers say that installation is a snap and Oxygenics fixtures deliver a steady stream of pressurized water while saving water.

  • I am a budget shopper, what should I buy?

    Good question! Our Showerhead Brand Compare tool aggregates reviewer feedback by brand. Under the User Personality section, users who call themselves Budget Shoppers recommend Delta Faucet showerheads more often than other brands.

  • Water efficiency vs. Water pressure: What about low flow shower heads?

    The Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 states that any shower heads manufactured in the US must restrict water flow to 2.5 gallons per minute. Older shower heads may use more so be sure to check your current showerhead. To do this, turn on your shower and time how many gallons of water are sprayed into a gallon bucket within a minute.

    Low flow shower heads typically spray 1.5 gallons per minute or less. Many consumers are concerned with water efficiency AND water pressure, which is why most low flow showerheads in the market are "aerators," projecting air with the water droplets in order to maintain higher pressure. It's best to go for the lower flow, higher pressure shower head. The pressurized water saving can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%!

  • What are rain shower heads?

    A rain shower head, also referred to as a downpour showerhead or a rainfall showerhead, often has an oversized head or panel providing more water coverage than a normal shower head. Many reviewers find satisfaction with this type of shower head. But don't take our word for it, read reviews of rain shower heads yourself to see what users had to say. When you're ready to choose, make sure you compare the dimensions of the shower head with the dimensions of your shower so it will fit according to plan.

Content created by Lauren P., Updated April 2010.
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How to Shop for Shower Heads

1. What shower head features do you need?
To find the best shower fixture for you, it's best to first narrow your search options by deciding what features are important to you. Will you need a handheld shower head for easy maneuverability and massage? Or are you considering a low flow shower head to conserve water and save on your water bill? You may be searching for a rain shower head OR a downpour shower head and there are many highly ranked ones to choose from.

2. What style is the rest of your bathroom?
Once you define your important features, you'll need to decide the finish and style. Will a chrome shower head match with your bathroom motif or is a bronze shower head a better fit? Other options include a nickel shower head, brass shower fixture, and more. Manufacturers also specify if it is polished, brushed, oil-rubbed, etc. Polished chrome shower heads are generally the most popular choice by consumers because they match many existing bathroom styles and are more affordable.

3. What's your favorite brand?
Once you have the important features and style decided, it's helpful to narrow your choices by brand. Check out our Shower Head Brand comparison tool to see which brand's average ranking soars above the rest.

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